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Hi, guys,

I am the owner of MediDoc Search, a Chinese living in Japan for 10 years. You can call me Li.

Here is one of my life experience in Japan.

When trying to find a good dentist for my painful toothache, I found out that it's really hard to find good dentists in Japan.

It took me one year, after asking all my Japanese friends to find a good one

Do you have any similar experience?

Our website aims to help foreigners enjoy their life in Japan.

It introduces good dental clinics. In the future, we want to show you more.

You can also share any kind of your experience at our forum http://forum.medidocsearch.com/.

Here is our demo on YouTube. https://youtu.be/OL36ywsAAX4

We need everyone's help to make this a more useful site.

Thank you,

Shucheng Li